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Why Your Planís Future Demands Increased Emphasis on Provider Directory Management

Driving Consumer & Customer Engagement and Satisfaction with Powerful Provider Directories

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Provider Directories are increasingly becoming the primary driver of first impressions made upon consumers regarding their health plan experience. Regulatory agency requirements for provider directories continue to become more complex and penalties for non-compliance more severe. Errors in provider directories have ripple effects impacting costs and outcomes throughout the organization.

This nine-page e-Brief will arm you with the detailed information you need to make the case in your organization for increased emphasis, focus and resources for your provider directory management, in order to most effectively drive consumer engagement, satisfaction, regulatory compliance and operational performance.

Youíll learn more about how provider directories drive first impressions, the role of directories in consumer engagement and satisfaction, the impact upon payers when directories arenít dependable, regulatory mandates requiring accurate directories, and the use of technology to improve and manage provider directories.

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